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From a very young age, I had my eye on the universe. My deep space art captures those gigantic structures that hover above us whether we see them or not. Using handmade optics, I tend to capture the faint details of interstellar clouds and galaxies and transforms them to reveal their hidden meanings.

I collaborated with TIME Magazine on numerous projects including NASA/ SpaceX rocket launches at Cape Canaveral and capturing on a live-broadcast the total solar eclipse of 2017.

My biggest aspiration is to live long enough to witness the Halley comet return set for July 28, 2061. While I wait for that to happen(!), I'm working on my other dream – establishing an observatory in one of the darkest rural areas of New Mexico, built for those who want to see the night sky the way it was seen by Van Gogh.. 


In the Spring of 2021, during the raging pandemic, my friend Amber Terranova introduced me with the TALWEG CREATIVE crew to create a unique and new way to promote their client product along with  my work on Astro-Photography and the effect of light pollution on stargazing in general.

Together, we worked closely with JEEP to promote the dark skies adventures! We set to find  the darkest skies in the South-West USA. It was such a unique opportunity to drive in the most beautiful state of all : New Mexico! This is where I have been based for the last three years, within the remote western Catron county. See for yourself : less than 4,000 humans inhabitants but over 40,000 elks and antilopes! An absolute dream for my artistic endeavors.

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